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At Big Sky, we believe you can show your employees that you value their hard work by providing opportunities to improve their financial well-being and build a better future.

Employees can be seen as an organisation's greatest asset. It can be assumed that good health, good relationships and good financial management may result in happier, more productive staff. 

Our experience gained from providing services to a large number of high profile companies, has resulted in a highly competitive corporate services offering. As specialists in workplace banking, corporate superannuation and corporate risk services, Big Sky can help you deliver an exciting employee benefits program. 

Find out how Big Sky help companies like yours strengthen their staff loyalty by providing a financial employee benefits program.

Corporate super

Corporate Superannuation

Let’s face it, super is complex. Keeping up-to-date with ever-changing legislation and understanding its consequences for your business and employees is an onerous task.

At Big Sky, we make superannuation easy for you by providing a dedicated, Account Manager to keep you up-to-speed with legislation and guide your superannuation decision making.

Corporate risk

Corporate Risk

Separating insurance and superannuation can often produce a superior employee benefits solution for your workforce and your business. 

At Big Sky, we recognise that Australia has a significant underinsurance problem. Employers can generate significant employee loyalty and wellbeing by providing a valued group insurance plan.

Employee benefits

Employee Benefits

As a corporate client, your employees can enjoy the benefits of an employee benefits program with Big Sky. Not only will we assist you with your business requirements but your staff can also benefit from a competitive range of products and services.

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