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Earn extra income for your club or business

The more people you refer to Big Sky, who have a new home loan product approved and funded, the more your business or community group can earn in commission.

Home Loan Referral Program

Big Sky can help you earn additional income for your business or community group by providing you with the opportunity to introduce potential customers to our competitive range of home loan products.

Who can participate?

A wide range of business and community groups can participate in Big Sky’s Home Loan Referral Program including sporting clubs, schools, associations, religious groups, charities, real estate agents, property developers, accountants and financial advisors.

There are no fees to participate, and you can terminate the Referral Agreement at any time.

How can you benefit with the Big Sky Home Loan Referral Program?

The Big Sky Home Loan Referral Program can offer a real financial benefit for local business and community groups through upfront commission payments for referrals where Big Sky approves and funds a home loan for a customer introduced by you. The more people you refer who have a Big Sky Home Loan product approved and funded, the more commission your organisation can earn. 

This can be a great way of assisting a funding program for your local sports club, school or any other community group. 

The process of referring a customer to Big Sky is as follows: 

For further information, including a Home Loan Program Referral Agreement, please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 654 321.
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