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Currency and Transfers

Big Sky has partnered with American Express to offer you simple solutions to your foreign currency requirements. 

Whether you are going overseas for a shopping spree or sending money to a family member abroad for their birthday, we offer a range of secure and convenient options to suit your needs. 

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Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency

When you arrive overseas, it's often good just to have a small amount of the local currency. Why not be prepared before you even get to the airport and arrange currency through American Express? 

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Traveller Cheques

American Express Travellers Cheques are a safe and easy way to protect your spending money whilst travelling. Should you have the misfortune of having your Travellers Cheques stolen or losing them, they are easily replaceable within 24 hours across the world.
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Telegraphic Transfers

International transfers

We have partnered with global leader, American Express so you have the confidence of security and convenience when sending and receiving money from overseas.

With American Express, you can send telegraphic transfers to most countries in the world in over 100 different currencies. Bank drafts are available in over 10 currencies.

Access our online service to get the information you need to receive transfers from over 100 countries and 16 currencies.

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