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We offer a choice of variable, fixed, principal and interest or interest only loans.

Fixed Rate Loans

Fix your interest rate for periods ranging from 1 to 5 years - see product details

Variable Rate Loans

Premium Choice 
A variable rate loan for those who want additional features and a competitive low rate. Consider how much you need to borrow:
Borrowing over $250,000
Borrowing between $100,000 to $250,000
Borrowing under $100,000

Standard Choice 
A variable rate loan with features such as a credit card rate at the standard choice variable interest rate
(Normal credit criteria apply) 

Other Loans


Lending criteria and fees and charges apply for all loans and credit cards. Please refer to Terms of Use before applying for any product.

Fixed Rate Loan

Lock it in

If you are looking for certainty around your mortgage interest rate, consider a fixed rate loan.
  • Split interest rate option (fixed/variable) 
  • Range of fixed rate terms available

Full product details

Compare all our Home Loan Products to find the most suitable mortgage for you.

Standard Choice Loan

Standard Choice

A variable rate loan with some important features

  • Loan offset facility
  • No redraw fees 
  • Complimentary personal risk assessment

Full product details 

Compare all our Home Loan Products to find the most suitable mortgage for you.

Premium Choice Loan

Premium Choice

A low variable interest rate loan with a wide range of features, such as:
  • Loan Offset facility
  • Discounted general insurance products

Full product details:

Borrowing over $250,000Borrowing between $100,00 to $250,000Borrowing under $100,000
Limited Recourse Loan

Limited Recourse Loan

This loan opens new investment opportunities and strategies as it allows the Self Managed Superannuation Fund to borrow to invest in property while limiting the loan liability to that particular investment only. As part of a sound strategy, this loan can provide income and capital growth opportunities for a Self Managed Superannuation Fund.

Full Product details - Variable Rate

Full Product details - Fixed Rate

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Important information 

  • Terms of Use

    Terms of Use

    We recommend you read the Terms of Use before taking up this product.
  • Fee and Interest Rate Schedule

    Fee and Interest Rate Schedule

    For information on applicable fees and charges, please click here.

    For the latest interest rates please click here.

  • Loan Redraw


    Redraw allows you to access additional repayments made over and above your minimum repayments. 

    At Big Sky we know and understand you may need access to these additional repayments; customers can therefore redraw these additional repayments (minimum $50) at anytime. Some conditions may apply so it is important to check your particular loan product.

    We encourage you to make additional regular or lump sum repayments whenever possible as it could slash years off your loan.

    Note: fees may apply.

  • Comparison Rate

    What is a Comparison Rate?

    A Comparison Rate is an all in one interest rate designed to help people identify the 'true' cost of the loan and is calculated by taking into consideration: the annual interest rate, any discount or honeymoon rate, any discount or upfront fees, and any known ongoing (monthly) fees. 

    It is a requirement by law that all financial institutions advertise comparison rates when promoting their lending products, to allow people to make a more objective comparison with the lending products offered by other financial institutions. An example of the comparison rate methodology for a Big Sky home loan follows. 

    Comparison Rate: 
    Loan amount 
    Loan term 
    Annual interest rate 
    1 year honeymoon rate               
    Loan application fee 
    Monthly fee 
    3rd party legal costs 
    Comparison rate 
    25 years 
    7.49% p.a. 
    6.49% p.a. 
    7.52% p.a 

    The comparison rate is based on fortnightly repayment calculations. It does not include government fees as they are standard regardless of the lender. 
    Whilst a comparison rate may assist you in making more objective comparisons when evaluating competing loan products, it is important to recognise this limitation of comparison rates. 
    Many complimentary loan features that Big Sky offer including the ability to make additional and lump sum repayments without penalty, 100% mortgage offset facility, and free redraw of advance repayments are not taken into account in the comparison rate calculation. For this reason, when comparing lending products it is important to consider additional features which differentiate loan products as well as comparison rates. Comparison rates are calculated for all loans with a fixed term, including home,  investment, car and personal loans. Overdrafts and credit cards are classified as continuous lines of credit and therefore a comparison rate cannot be calculated.

    You can find detail about all of Big Sky’s comparison rates by viewing our interest rates and comparison rate schedules.

Safeguard your vision of a secure financial future if the unexpected happens

The question you have to ask yourself is: ‘would your family be able to pay off debts and maintain their lifestyle if you no longer earned an income?’

To assist and support our customers, Big Sky provides an obligation free, personal risk assessment report for every new home loan.

A simple personal risk assessment, can put your mind at ease

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