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Our advisers have put together a wealth of information on specific finance-related topics, along with insights and market commentaries. Check out our latest news for the financial news and updates, as well as notification of upcoming events. 

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Financial Advice & Strategy

  • Value of Advice

    What is the value of our advice?

    Our clients tell us that our financial advice gives them peace of mind knowing that professionals are looking after them, and that they are financially well prepared for the future. In addition, they say the benefits of our advice far out-weigh the cost of our advice.

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  • Preparing for Retirement

    What are some effective ways to save for retirement?

    Depending on your circumstances, contributing to superannuation may be a tax effective way to save for retirement. Commencing a Retirement Income stream using your accumulated superannuation may also be extremely tax effective way to generate a retirement income.

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  • Transitioning to retirement

    What is the ‘transition to retirement‘ rule?

    The Government’s ‘Transition to Retirement’ rule is designed to help Australians become more financially secure in the years leading up to their full retirement. The key to this rule is the access that pre-retirees aged over 55 now have to tax- advantaged account based pensions (ABP).

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  • Self Managed Superannuation

    What is a Self Managed Super Fund?

    A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is a fund designed to hold and distribute retirement benefits for its members. These funds are controlled by their members, being no more than four, who also act as trustees of the fund. 

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  • Personal Risk Insurance

    What is Personal Risk Insurance?

    Personal risk insurance can provide a financial benefit to you and/or your family in the event of you suffering an injury, illness, or death. This can include term life insurance, total & permanent disablement insurance, income protection insurance, and trauma insurance.

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  • Estate Planning

    What is Estate Planning?

    Estate planning is the process of arranging your affairs now to ensure there is an efficient and tax effective distribution of your estate after your death.

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  • Dealing with Redundancy

    What are some effective ways to manage your finances after accepting a redundancy offer?

    When you accept a redundancy offer you may receive a number of payments including a redundancy payout, other non-super money, and superannuation. Effective use of these monies should enable you to optimise your finances during any period of unemployment and your re-entry to the workforce.

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  • Investment Philosophy

    What is our investment philosophy?

    The objective of our investment advice is to help you reliably generate the long-term net return you require in order to achieve your lifestyle goals, whilst ensuring that investment risk, investment tax and investment fees are all minimised on an ongoing basis. To help us achieve this objective, we adopt an investment philosophy which incorporates the following five components:

    • The risks to an investment portfolio need to be actively monitored and managed
    • Buying quality assets at reasonable prices is an effective way to achieve competitive long term returns
    • Investment management fees must be kept at low levels
    • Portfolios should be managed to maximise after-tax results
    • Your strategic financial investment plan should be designed to ensure you achieve your long term lifestyle goals with as little risk as possible

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