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Over 4 million Australians bank with a Credit Union or Building Society. Customer owned banking aims to challenge the dominance of the major banks across the country.

The Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA) is Australia’s new name in banking. The Customer Owned Banking Association brand replaces Abacus Australian Mutuals as the industry advocate for Australia’s customer owned banking sector.  It is owned by its member institutions which comprise: credit unions, building societies (including Big Sky Building Society), mutual banks and 1 other; and represents 13 friendly societies through the Friendly Societies of Australia and a number of affiliate members.

The customer owned banking sector has combined assets of over $83.9 billion, offering Australians a competitive alternative to banks and access to a range of savings, investment, loan and insurance products. Unlike banks, profits are not paid to external shareholders, but put back into better products and services for customers and their communities.

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