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During the tough times

We understand from time to time that some of our customers may face periods of financial hardship due to a number of reasons, often beyond their control.

Financial hardship may be defined as where a customer wants to pay what they owe but unable to do so, or anticipates being unable to do so in the near future.

We encourage our customers who are having financial difficulty to contact us as soon as possible to discuss their situation (refer ‘Contacting Us’ below).

The type of assistance we may be able to provide will vary depending on the customer’s individual circumstances and we will consider both longer term as well as short-term financial solutions.

For eligible customers, assistance may include:

We will also suspend any debt collection activity while these arrangements are in place and being met. Customers may specifically authorise a third party to make enquiries on their behalf. Big Sky will talk to the customers’ representative if it is satisfied that the representative has been authorised by the customer. All customers may utilise Financial Hardship Assistance services at Big Sky.

The objectives of the Big Sky Financial Hardship Policy are:

Reasons a member may face financial hardship include (but are not limited to):  Whatever the reason, we encourage our customers to contact us immediately if they feel they may be under financial hardship. Big Sky will actively work with its customers to assist and will discuss all alternatives after a full review of their current financial position.

To consider a request for Financial Hardship, customers are encouraged to complete the form ‘Application for Variation to Contract Due to Financial Hardship’, and to provide any additional information required. Big Sky may take up to 21 days to assess the application after receiving all information, however we will endeavour to provide a quicker turnaround time whenever possible.

Contacting Us 

A customer can contact Big Sky in a number of ways regarding financial hardship:

Phone 1300 654 321 (Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm AEST)
Email hardships@bigsky.net.au
Service Centres  – Arrange an interview with a Big Sky employee.